Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Your Experience is Important to Us

You are a partner in your care. When you are well-informed, participate in treatment decisions and communicate openly with your doctors and other health professionals, you help make your care as effective as possible.

Patient & Family Centered Care

The University of Tennessee Medical Center has several structures and processes in place to involve the patient and their support system in the planning and delivery of care. Several elements of our Patient and Family Centered Care model of care including respect for patient values, preferences and expressed needs; information, communication, and education; involvement of family and friends; and transition and continuity, encourage participation by the patient and their support system.  Structures and processes of our care delivery system assure patient involvement in their plan of care including the nursing assessment and admission history, the interdisciplinary plan of care, open visitation, whiteboards in patient rooms, bedside shift reports, multidisciplinary rounds and daily nurse manager (NM) rounds.

It is the desire and intent of The University of Tennessee Medical Center to provide safe and effective medical care to all patients. During the course of diagnosis, treatment and recovery, you or your representative may have questions or concerns regarding the quality, safety or appropriateness of care received. The patient representative and management staff are available to address any concerns.

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Contact a Patient Representative

You can contact the patient representative by calling 865-305-9804 or 865-305-9812. 

As a patient, you may lodge a grievance with the State of Tennessee Department of Health regardless of whether you choose to use the medical center’s complaint / grievance process. Here is the address and phone number:

Division of Health Care Facilities
Centralized Complaint Intake Unit
665 Mainstream Drive, Second Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
Contact Information

If the patient representative or hospital management are unable to resolve your concerns, you may then contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns or register complaints. The Office of Quality Monitoring can be contacted by either calling 1.800.994.6610 or emailing

Share Your Feedback.

Use the form to voice your concern or submit a suggestion and a patient representative will contact you shortly. You can also contact the Patient Advocate office by calling 865-305-9812. We appreciate your feedback and appreciate being your health care choice.

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“UT Medical Center is committed to improving the quality of life of our patients through our leadership in health care, health education and clinical research.

We are here for our patients, and we want you to feel comfortable in our care. If you have any concerns with our care, facility or staff, we welcome and encourage an open dialogue to get things back on track.”

– Joseph R. Landsman
President and CEO, UT Medical Center

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Quality & Safety

Your experience matters to us – as it is an important and personal decision to find the highest quality medical care. The University of Tennessee Medical Center works tirelessly to deliver the highest quality care and safety to you, our patient. Every person on our staff is committed to patient safety and satisfaction.

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